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Out of the SHADE
a novel by Thea Gilich

RRP NZ $19.90

Manda’s husband Steve regards her sketches mere bits of paper and has no qualms in burning them.

Devastated she feels she’ll never be able to draw again. Yet, lacking something to do in the new flat in Mission Bay, she is soon drawn back to her old passion.

Slowly her life changes, as her passion turns to obsession she finds she no longer wants to fit the mould of everyone’s expectations. Her rebellion widens the rift between her and Steve, and divides family and friends as they take sides.

This is an artist’s journey, but more than that, it is the story of a woman’s progress towards emancipation.


Looking for an entertaining and informative speaker for your next event?

black and whiteGuest Speaker:

Thea can share informative and entertaining personal accounts from her life as a displaced person in Europe after the war and the move to New Zealand or anecdotes from the fashion industry in Auckland 1965-83.

About the author:

A refugee, arriving in New Zealand at the age of fourteen, she finished her education at
Sacred Heart College in Christchurch and St Mary’s College in Auckland. Thea went on to study Fashion Design in Auckland. She spent several years working with local designers before she and her husband were offered an opportunity to run their own designer knitwear company, which they did successfully for over 20 years. When Thea, married Leo they looked forward to having a large family. However, when they were unable to have children they decided to adopt. Today a widow, Thea has four children, sixteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Thea’s passion is writing – articles, short stories and novels. Her other interests have been diverse. Reading (six books a week was the norm.); Croatian history – (both in Croatia, and that of Croatian migrants in New Zealand) and Politics – (she and Leo were involved with bringing CIR to New Zealand.). They were instrumental in petitioning the New Zealand Government to recognise Croatia as an independent state and organising the Croatian Relief Committee. Thea was also a member of the inaugural committee of the Croatian Cultural Society.

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